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Julia Taliana ™ | Mini wool belt bag

Mini wool belt bag

A beautiful messenger bagMini wool shoulder straps let you Confident, confident and beautiful. A mini full flower wool belt bagThe shoulder is the perfect accessory For doctors, medical staff, nurses, students, medical staff and all those who have this unique atmosphere and want fashion. This briefcase will greatly enhance your self-confidence to achieve your goals and push your career forward.

A bag inMini wool shoulder design Handmade whole cowhide is considered to be the best quality leather in the world and will last for decades. The interior is lined with 100% cotton. Where is this bagMini wool shoulder strap with hardware Reliable brass, solid seams, YKK zippers, functional key chains, metal nails protect the bottom of the rough surface. Overall, the appearance of high-quality leather accessories is incredible.


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  • The size is 19 cm wide at the top and 21 cm wide at the bottom, 14 cm high and 8 cm thick
  • Chain handle
  • Material: Polyester lining
  • Close the track lock
  • Card position sliding bag mobile phone bag identification bag sliding bag