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JULIA TALYANA™ | Heart-shaped shoulder bag

Get this bandolière bag in the form of heart in fashion and beautiful to create your striking personality

Add major style elements to all your working clothes when you associate them with this shoulder bag. A small wonder that allows you to store all your essential. There is really no occasion for which this versatile piece would not be perfect. In addition, you can match any casual, retro and refreshing clothing, making it one of the most fashionable and stylish bags for your daily use. It can be used for home, outdoor activities, shopping, dates, travel, school, etc. It is also an excellent gift for women and girls at Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, birthdays and other holidays.

Image of a red heart-shaped shoulder bag
  • This bag is a shoulder bag, chain and heart bag
  • It is a united, soft and romantic color
  • Fashionable and elegant bag for your daily use.
  • This beautiful shoulder bag is the perfect gift for every occasion
Image of a red heart-shaped shoulder bag

We offer a bandoulière bag in the form of heart in fashion and beautiful, made with love and fascination. It can accentuate your relaxed dress with its grace and charm and will certainly make your investment worthy
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