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Julia Talyana ™ | Women's leather bag shoulder bag for exit animals

A remarkable bag to create your identity Stylish PVC contrast, quality The cycle is fine for you a chic bag to refresh your look a bag that advocates the chic a beautiful bag for a chic and relaxed style

The retro key of this bag will give you a timeless and unique look. It is very convenient for securing your essentials and your companion in evenings, parties, shopping trips. Introduce yourself with this elegant bag that will always keep you elegant. It will accompany you in your trips to the movies, your trips to stimulate your physical activities with this arm bag to take away your high-tech accessory everywhere tutor the perfection of the look with this bag. The soft and uniform design will give you class! Wear it for meetings, restaurant and hold your favorite items. Be original. The sweet and elegant design of this pretty bag will give a chic zest to your outfits. It will be ideal for outings with friends, cinema, outdoor walks with your animals. He will hold your pets.

Bring freshness to your outfits with this cute bag. It is perfect for casual outings like parties, shopping, outings with friends. Your indispensable will be safe. You will always be class!

Color your look with simplicity and contrast by comfortably sporting this bag worn chest. Opt for a chic and casual PVC style with this mini trendy accessory

The trend is PVC, opt mainly for this premium quality bag.

Perfectly arranged with your relaxed or festive outfits, adopt it.

Walk, run in all beauty and lightness, this bag is your deadness foolproof.

With its adjustable and solid belt, this bag comfortably brought to size is of a great advantage for outdoor bicycle or on foot activities.

Its design in Oxford and its slide closures ensures the protection of your phone and other accessories of liquids and dust.

Its high quality leather shoulder strap, its refined square shape, the finishes of stitching at the front, all attributes to this bag that will fill you with compliments.

You can walk it on your shoulder or take by hand, it will satisfy you in all relaxed situations.

You can take with you cards, keys and very small objects of everyday life.


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  • Light
  • Easy to carry
  • New and quality
  • Freedom of movement
  • Security of your indispensable
  • Secure closure
  • New and solid
  • Compact
  • Available in several colors
  • Material: Leather
  • The insurance not to lose your bag
  • Neither too big nor too small
  • Ideal for all occasions
  • Several ways to wear it: wrist / shoulder
  • several varieties of colors
  • solid
  • Several pockets
  • Variations
  • New and solid
  • Optimal storage
  • The insurance not to lose your bag
  • solid closure
  • Your music will accompany you during the activity
  • You will not miss any call
  • Ensure the protection against dust
  • Run light and ergonomic
  • You have several colors available
  • Comfortably brought chest or back
  • Attractive color contrast
  • Several colors available
  • Large number of locations
  • Compact and comfortable
  • Unique and exclusive colors
  • PVC of superior quality
  • Adjustable to all sizes


  • Style: Women's handbag
  • Fabric texture: PU

Product information:
Animal shoulder bag
Style Number: H2-A / B / C
Color: pink, green, gray
Subjects: Beads, cotton, polyester
Size: Length 37x Width 17x Height 26 (cm)

On the theme of lightness, convenience, heat and fashion, this bag expands the concept of design of a pet-shoulder bag. It must have the aesthetics of the design and the characteristics of a lightweight and portable structure. Make subtractive design ideas, use lightweight products to reduce user load and improve user comfort.