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Julia Taliana ™ | Women's leather chest bag

Simple and practical accessories!

Choose this small and simple chest bag for a casual look. You'll like it. You'll feel like you're wearing nothing. In your leisure trip, it will be easy to store what you need: shopping, walking, hiking, watching movies.

Its zipper ensures that you can easily enter your things. Strong and durable, no matter how you wear it, its shoulder strap can be adjusted for comfort.

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  • Rugged and easy to maintain
  • Not too crowded
  • Easy maintenance
  • Safety of goods
  • Multiple color options


detailed information
  • Material: PU
  • unlined
  • Opening mode: sliding closing
  • Processing method: soft surface
  • Size: 20x14x6 cm
  • Belt length: 90CM
  • Outer bag type: open bag
  • Available in 06 colors